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Before and After Dental Photos - Smile Makeovers St.Paul, MN


Porcelain Veneers

Case 1

After years of being unhappy with her smile, we were so thrilled to provide her with the smile that she has always deserved! And it only took 2 comfortable appointments!

Close Up - Before

Anterior Retracted Before

Close Up - After

Anterior Retracted After


Case 2


After looking back at photos over the years, this long-time patient was tired of hiding her teeth when she smiled. So before her daughter's big day she decided to do something about it. After we took these pictures she said "I'm so happy with my teeth because now I can smile at my daughter's wedding!"

Close Up - Before

Retracted Before

Close Up - After

Retracted After


Case 3

Over time this patient's front teeth were chipped & worn with numerous fracture lines & several defects at the gum line. With minimal removal of tooth structure, our doctors were able to restore the natural contours of her teeth and give her back her beautiful, youthful smile!

Close-up Smile BeforeClose-Up Smile After






Anterior Retracted BeforeAnterior Retracted After